aluminium_bistro__table                  poseur_table

      4ft to 6ft  moulded table                             4ft to 6ft round tables                                       aluminium bistro                       tall poseur                                   6ft bench

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              granite top available


samsonite_folding_chair              retro chair.bmp - 57.33 Kb                   chiavarilimewash               aluminium_bistro_chair                             banquet_chair                  corporate chair in blue               

    samsonite folding            retro poseur                          limewash                             alluminium                                 Chelteham                         corporate

                                                                                                       chiavari                                 bistro                                         banqueting                                                         



Indirect Heaters


Indirect diesel heaters are the industry standard heaters for marquees and events and provide large volumes of clean, fume-free warm air.

This makes these heaters ideal for use in more enclosed, less well-ventilated areas, such as marquees, where unclean air could affect the occupants of the area.

They are placed outside the marquee, and the warm air is blown in via a duct. . Any fumes are expelled outside via the heater’s exhaust.

An indirect heater has no visible flame so are very safe and are much quieter than heaters with a direct visible flame.

 The temperature is controlled via a thermostat located in the marquee.

A diffuser is used inside the marquee to ensure no-one can be harmed with hot air.

They are very safe



 The cost is £160 plus VAT

Sturdy_garment_rail_with_50_hangers         metal barrier 3ft 8 in high 7ft wide              DL900          stage 8 ft x 4ft          basic bar          red carpet and rope barrier


 Coat Hanger               Barriers                                   Child seat                   Staging                     Basic bar front               VIP poles and ropes

                                                                                                                                                                        front and back              with red carpet

Marquee tables price list



4ft by 2ft Buffet trestle table




6ft  Buffet trestle table




Extra wide wooden 6ft x3ft trestle tables




5ft  Buffet trestle table




4ft Round table  (seat 6-8)




5ft Round table(seat  8 - 10)




6ft Round table (seat  10-12) solid not folding , very strong seats 10

 very comfortably or 12  ..these tables are far superior to folding bendy




Round aluminium bistro table 27 in  diameter  27in high




Tall poseur tables 2ft diameter and 3ft 9in high

 (high quality and stable) some with granite tops




6ft bench seating£8.00

Marquee chairs price list



Samsonite folding chair




Corporate chair




Aluminium bistro chair




Gold banquet cheltenham




Chiavari banquet chair




Retro poseur chair (height adjustable)




Dressed chairs ----Cheltenham banqueting chair with quality ivory cover .....fits perfectly




Chill out furniture, composing of 2 chairs a sofa and coffee table




Baby Chair



Marquee heating price list




Heating with no  direct flame  ducted  into  marquee  under  control


of  a thermostat  (12 hrs of fuel included)




Marquee lighting price list




Globe lighting (4,8 or 12 lantern bulbs)

£50 to £100



Chandelliers (antique brass with 5 arm)

£40 each

White chandelier 5 arm (can be dimmed ) £50 each



Uplighters with choice of 6 colours and  effects

£20 each



100 metres of festoon lighting  (200 bulbs)




starlight twinkling ceiling on black background (3 metre wide strip on ceiling)




string ceiling fairy  lights on 3 m wide section of marquee  about 300 led's


 Every extra 3m section

 £ 70

Dimming unit for lights (can only be used on certain types of bulbs) £  50

Marquee flooring price list




Quality boarded wooden floor, weblok

£3.50 per sq m



Coco matting (thick carpet)  value flooring

£3.00 sq m



Dance floor price list




Dance floor wooden parquet  (very solid)

£1.20 per sq ft



Dance floor (black and white)

£1.20  per sq ft







Carpet (new)

£3.00 sq m


Ancillary equipment




 Chrome VIP post

£12 each

 Red rope

£  5 each



Red glitzy VIP carpet  (not cheap cord)

£10 a metre





Multi coloured net light ,2m x 2m , good on wall or on roof, ideal for party, choice of 8 functions from static to chase

£25 per net





Coat rail with 40 hangers




Staging available in sections  to make solid stage

£1.25 sq ft

8ft x 4ft and 4ft x 4ft sections




Crowd control barriers




Basic economy  bar front and rear with optics (please see picture)