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4ft to 6ft trestle style table                            4ft to 6ft  moulded table

round_moulded_plastic aluminium_bistro__tableposeur_table

4ft to 6ft moulded round                         aluminium bistro           tall poseur


retro chair.bmp - 57.33 Kb        aluminium_bistro_chairchiavarilimewash

samsonite folding      retro poseur  chair         aluminium bistro              chiavari

banquet_chair corporate chair in blue      031chair_cover_good
cheltenham  banquet     corporate                corporate 2           dressed chair with bow


Clothes Rail Staging Posts and Ropes
heater Sturdy_garment_rail_with_50_hangers stage 8 ft x 4ft                red carpet and rope barrier                      
heating ducted with 40 hangers 8ft  x 4ft sections red carpet and posts 

 metal barrier 3ft 8 in high 7ft wideportable pa systemDL900 bw dance floor

          Barriers                Wireless PA system           Baby Chair     Black and white Dance


basic barchandelier

basic bar front and    Chandelier

rear with optics



Marquee tables price list


4ft by 2ft Buffet trestle table £4.00
6ft  Buffet trestle table £6.00
Extra wide wooden 6ft x3ft trestle tables £9.00
5ft  Buffet trestle table £5.00
4ft Round table  (seat 6-8) £4.00
5ft Round table(seat  8 - 10) £5
6ft Round table (seat  10-12) solid not folding , very strong seats 10 very comfortably or 12 £10.00
Round aluminium bistro table 27 in  diameter  27in high £4.00
Tall poseur tables 2ft diameter and 3ft 9in high (high quality and stable) some with granite tops £12.00
Marquee chairs price list  
Samsonite folding chair £1.25
Corporate chair £2,25
Aluminium bistro chair £4.00
Gold banquet cheltenham £3.00
Chiavari banquet chair £3.00
Retro poseur chair (height adjustable) £10.00
Dressed chairs ----Cheltenham banqueting chair with quality ivory cover .....fits perfectly £6.00


Chill out furniture, composing of 2 chairs a sofa and coffee table




Baby Chair


Marquee heating price list  
Heating with no  direct flame  ducted  into  marquee  under  control £160
of  a thermostat  (12 hrs of fuel included)  42litres  or £42  
Marquee lighting price list  
Globe lighting (4,8 or 12 lantern bulbs) £50 to £80
Chandelliers (antique brass with 7 arm) £40 each
Uplighters with choice of 6 colours and  effects £15 each
100 metres of festoon lighting  (200 bulbs) £150
starlight twinkling ceiling on black background (3 metre wide strip on ceiling) £150
string ceiling led lights on (3 metre section) £80
Marquee flooring price list  
Quality boarded wooden floor, weblok £3.25 per sq m
Coco matting (thick carpet)  value flooring £3.00 sq m
Dance floor price list  
Dance floor wooden parquet  (very solid) £1 per sq ft
Dance floor (black and white) £1.20  per sq ft
Carpet (choice of colours)  
Carpet (new) £2.25 sq m
Marquee power and toilets  
Power generator with full tank of fuel (8hrs) 5kva (for small marquees) £170
Portable loos p.o.a.
Ancillary equipment  
 Chrome VIP post £12 each
 Red rope £  5 each
Red glitzy VIP carpet  (not cheap cord) £10 a metre
Multi coloured net light ,2m x 2m , good on wall or on roof, ideal for party, choice of 8 functions from static to chase £25 per net
Coat rail with 40 hangers £15
Staging available in sections  to make solid stage £1 sq ft
8ft x 4ft and 4ft x 4ft sections  
Crowd control barriers £11
Basic economy  bar front and rear with optics (please see picture) £160
PA sound system , portable with 2 wireless  microphones and extension speaker £125
40 kva £525 incl. fuel used
6 kva £160
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